Your Story


Your story is that thing you can say nobody else can. Sometimes it’s a paragraph or a video.  Sometimes it’s a story about something that happened to you or a customer experience. More often, it’s a feeling people get.  An understanding, a comfort level a prospect gets from the experience you create.  You know, all those “little things” about your website or email or presentation that add up to a feeling, an impression or an “I-get-it” of who you are-

Wow, these people know their stuff.

I hope we can do business, this just feels right.

I want to work with this company, I need to find out more.

Rediscovering  your story is hard.  So is living up to it with every customer interaction.  Then telling it so you are heard — actually heard — is harder still.  But all three are necessary to increase sales in an affordable, sustainable way. But it starts with finding, or better said, rediscovering, your story:

Over the years the list you created for why people should buy from you is pretty long, isn’t it?  Your real story is in there somewhere, buried.  It’s my job to find it.

As you’ve grown, more and more people are involved in the customer experience you create, aren’t they?  Your real story is in there somewhere, buried.  It’s my job to make sure it gets told.

Why the Story Shepherd metaphor?

A shepherd’s job it is to get his flock “from A to B” – simple, right?  Yet, the reality is the journey is full of twists and turns and surprises.   And requires doing lots of different things. Some planned, some not. That’s my job too: to get you from where you are to where you want to go.  And yes, we’ll have some twists and turns and surprises. Some planned, some not.

Why Story is Important

Make no mistake, story isn’t some esoteric “nice to have” thing:

It creates a connection that catches and keeps people’s attention long enough to engage with your message. No story and all you are is a bunch of same-sounding features and benefits.

It colors how people perceive everything that comes after it. And isn’t that what your marketing’s supposed to do??

It’s the building block of how humans have communicated with each other for, oh, I don’t know, 30,000 years. Maybe, just MAYBE that’s a reason to take another look at it??

Is it any surprise it’s the shortest path between where you are now and doubling or tripling your sales??

Is it any surprise it’s the reason that new website, brochure or new anything you do does or doesn’t work??

Because you’re one click away from losing each prospect, story MUST be part of your website.  If they don’t know and feel why you’re different – if they don’t “get” your story – they don’t stick around. You may think people buy from you because you are the biggest, oldest, have the brightest engineering department, the best quality or invest the most in technology or. . . My experience is it’s so rare when a single feature or combination of features is the real reason people buy from a company.  And I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of intimate, in-depth conversations with clients’ customers in my career. It’s a comfort level built up from many “little things” of what you say, how you say it and how you treat people on your website, email or presentation.

Your Story. . .

As I say, finding, or rediscovering, your story is hard.  And it’s important.  So. . .get started! Your next steps are pretty straightforward.  Find out more about how to hire me, catch my next “Around the Campfire” online gatherings every Thursday, or go back to your Google search and keep looking.  But the only way you can fail is by stopping.  It’s too important to the future of your business to not find and tell your story. How are you feeling right how? Comfortable enough to talk ?  Want to learn more about the craft of storytelling?  Or is it time to move on?

Breathe power into your marketing.

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