Stories Demand Participation


And isn’t that what we all want?  Participation with our brand?  So each person and who we are become more like each other.  At least in the eyes of that person.  Their perception.  The impression, understanding or feeling they created from the story we told them.

That’s HARD to do; to connect with people in a way that demands their participation.  Think about your life.  What really great relationships have you formed with things you’ve bought? Do you absolutely love your car or gym or an author or church or blender (really!) or phone or restaurant?

Chances are they or it didn’t push themselves down your throat.  They were remarkable in some way.  They captured your attention.  Something just felt right.

Actually, you did all that.  YOU participated in their story.  A good story well told demands it.  Does yours?

jobs presentationTake Apple. . .

APPLE’s story isn’t compelling because it’s a huge company.  It got that way by telling its story, and its story was and is a good one.  For me, Steve Wozniac tells such a clear story about the iPod that demonstrates what Apple is.  To paraphrase:

Everybody else focused on designing a better music player.  Apple focused on designing something to make listening to music simple and fun.

Think about that.  Apple has always focused on the experience.  Focus on building a more powerful computer and you get Dell or HP.  Focus on the experience of using a computer and you get the Mac and iOS.

But forget about Apple.  There are hundreds of companies out there with smaller budgets than yours telling their story and killing it!

Get started.  Read some books.  Find your story.  It’s enough.

Breathe power in to your stories!

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