Realize Making the Sale is the Beginning, Not the End

Realize Making the Sale is the Beginning, Not the End

Okay, you’ve decided to get that marketing idea out of your head, you’ve started an MVP, are testing and you’re making some sales.

Each sale is an opportunity to learn something.  It’s a beginning, not a culmination of efforts.

It’s a beginning because you need to know some things:

  1. What did people think they were buying?  Often, the reasons and justifications you present for buying your product don’t tie directly with why people buy.
  2. Are they actually using the product?  This is key, especially with lower priced items that may be impulse buys.  We see this often with apps.  Tons of people downloading the app with few actually using it.  Don’t be too quick to pat yourself on the back until you understand usage.
  3. Are they happy?  Plain and simple.

What have you learned?  The real learning is NOT around the number who purchased.  What do your customers think you have?  Is it useful?  How can you improve/change it?

That perfect, awesome, cool thing that was in your head will change and morph into something different once put through the prism of the customer buying experience.  Realize making the sale is the beginning, not the end.  And ask your buyers some basic, simple, powerful questions.  Don’t send a survey.  Call them.



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