Field Note 5: Acting on Important Marketing Ideas

Field Note 5: Acting on Important Marketing Ideas

Starting is hard.

You know you know what I mean. That marketing idea brewing in your head, right along side the questions that keep you from putting it into action-

  • What will it cost?
  • What are all the moving parts?
  • What’s the best way to make it work?

Whatever “it” is, chances are the picture you have in your mind is of a complete, successful result. But, that perfect picture is the thing that makes starting so hard because we tend to resist starting hard things.  Simplify the goal and starting gets easier.

Testing – The Key to Getting Started

There are lots of steps between where you are now and that perfect vision.

Better to rethink the goal down into the first few steps — think test — than to resist starting. Then just start!

If you test something, that’s all you’re doing, just testing. You can test it, can’t you? Doesn’t that feel different (better!) when I say let’s test a new email campaign, let’s test getting white papers or webinars on the website as a way to collect leads?  It’s just a test. . .

I’ve seen my clients make substantial changes for three decades by responding to four simple words, “Let’s just test it”. Believe me, you can get going on a test in 72 hours. A webpage up, some copy written, crank up a Google Adwords campaign to push some traffic through the page. Measure, adjust, repeat.

If you have an idea floating around in your head and not getting out, rethinking the goal into a test is the best way I know to get started on it.

Try it, it works!

Breathe power in to your stories!

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