The Art of Building Trust by Going First


illustration-Time-to-Go-firstGoing first builds trust.

And in today’s crazy economy. . .it’s time to go first citizens!!

Because going first means you get more people’s attention and hold it longer.

You know what I’m talking about.  When someone you are unfamiliar with “goes first,” revealing something about themselves or their company, you very naturally become more comfortable with them.  Wanting to learn more.

It’s hard to put exact words to it, but you know it when you see it:

When I was in seventh grade I had a college scholarship athlete offer to coach me in his event, the shot put; an event I had been competing in for a couple years.  But I was tall and skinny; not the optimum body type for pushing an iron ball for distance.  He told me when he was my age he was too skinny too, and less of an athlete than I was.  He told me he dedicated himself to work on form and “out-technique” the other guys.  His story released the fear I had, so I worked with him. A skinny Hamilton Wallace placed 2nd in state that year in the shot put, to gasps of amazement (including his own!).

Or it could be something as simple as:

When I first hung my shingle as an attorney I specialized in anything that walked in the door.


When Roger and I started the business we paid ourselves last, which some months meant not paying ourselves at all.


When I was a kid I stuttered, which made me hyper aware of every word I used.  Good training, it turned out, for a Story Shepherd. . .

When you go first you break down barriers and connect to people on an emotional level.  They start wanting to hear what you have to say.

What two stories you can tell on your website, in your PowerPoint or on the phone that reveal something about yourself or your company that relate to: your why; your start in the business; who you are?

Start going first and notice the difference.



Breathe power in to your stories!

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